Sitemap - 2023 - A Perennial Digression

An Evolving Creation, a Dying and Rising Universe

God as Jesus II

Christus nascendus est

God As Jesus I

How to Think About (Historical/Biblical) Israel

What Connects--and Separates--Hanukkah and Christmas II

Jesus's Resurrection as Postmortem Vindication for a Righteous Martyr

Zephyr V

What Connects—and Separates—Hanukkah and Christmas I

Did Jesus Perform Miracles?

Was Jesus Born of a Virgin?

Buddhism II

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? If So, How--and How Could We Know?

Zephyr IV

A Clarification on the Historical Jesus, Christology, and Ethics

Retraction I

Is Christian Theology Ad Hoc Apologetics?

Was the Historical Jesus a First-Century Paul Atreides?

Fall in Review

These Be Brave Spirits Indeed

All That Impedes Thee From the Golden Round

Who With Cloven Tongues Do Hiss Me Into Madness

Anthropomorphism and Superstition

Spirits, As In a Dream, All Bound Up

Zephyr III

Gates of Horn and Ivory

Paul’s Magical Mystery Tour

Realms Imaginal

Spirit and Soul, from Toll to Toll

The Vehicle of the Soul

Autumnus in Litteris

Christian Ends and Origins

How (And Why) to Read the New Testament in Chronological Order

James, Peter, Paul, John

Ad Dorotheum II

Judaism for Gentiles

Greek 1.7: Third Declension Nouns II

Zephyr II

Ethical Cosmopolitanism IV

August in Review

The Wheel of the Year

Buddhism I

There is No Paul Without Plato

Greek 1.6: Third Declension Nouns I

Hinduism II

How to Think About Sin III

Greek Interlude: Dialects and Development of Greek

Hinduism I

How to Think About Sin II

Greek 1.5: Reflexive Pronouns

Zephyr I

Ethical Cosmopolitanism, Pars Tertia

Transfiguration 2023

Greek 1.4: Personal Pronouns


July in Review

How To Think About Sin I

Greek 1.3: First and Second Declension Adjectives and Substantives

Islam II

How to Think About the Spirit

Greek 1.2: Articles

Islam I

How to Think About Christ III

Greek 1.1: First and Second Declension Nouns


How To Think About Christ II

Announcing Public Polyglossia

Ad Dorotheum I

Ethical Cosmopolitanism, Pars Secunda

June in Review

How to Do Biblical Studies

How to Think About Christ I

On Language

Wayfarers, Pars Sexta

How to Think about Creation

How to Think About the Trinity

Wayfarers, Pars Quinta

Ethical Cosmopolitanism, Pars Prima

Beyond Deification

Wayfarers, Pars Quarta

May In Review

Four Stages of Consciousness

Three Things Universalism Is Not

Wayfarers, Pars Tertia

On the Slopes of Mt. Meru

Wayfarers, Pars Secunda

Postcritical Classical Theism

Wayfarers, Pars Prima


Maat and Isfet

Yes, the Holy Spirit is the Force

God's Bodies and Christ's


The Good Life

Murmurs from Beyond the Stygian Corridors

Rebirth and Resurrection