Nov 7, 2022
PAST EVENT] Classical Studies Colloquium: Ancient Religion - W&M Featured  Events
  1. Eschatological Horizons” with David Bentley Hart

  2. Silent Pilgrimage” with Addison Hodges Hart

  3. Experiencing Sophia” with Michael Martin

  4. Cicero, Republics, and Truth” with Tom Keeline

  5. Britain and Other Matters” with Malcolm Guite

  6. The Lila of the Logos” with Jordan Daniel Wood

  7. The Dream is Really Hard” with Nii Addo Abrahams

  8. Psychic Katabasis” with Mackenzie Amara

  9. Psychic Anabasis” with Mark Vernon

  10. Otherworlds” with David Bentley Hart

  11. Ghostly Empathy” with Addison Hodges Hart

  12. Ignorance is the Absence of Liberation” with Anantanand Rambachan

  13. Dancing in the Abyss” with Sam Rocha

  14. To Dwell in the Evanescent” with David Bentley Hart

  15. Digressions Alone: Myth, Religion, and Philosophy

  16. Digressions Alone: The Quartodecimans Were Right

  17. The Poetics of Liturgy” with David Russell Mosley

  18. Digressions Alone: On God and the Gods

  19. The Imaginal and the Poetic” with David Bentley Hart

  20. Coming to Terms With Your Reality” with Blaine Eldredge and Anthony Ashley

  21. How Can We Belong to the Universe?” with Mary-Jane Rubenstein