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Perrenialists and Digressers All,

Welcome to A Perennial Digression, an outlet for the vagabond musings of a recovering academic on the ecclesial margins. I write as a broadly “classical” Christian: I have been Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and Catholic, and often find it difficult to feel fully at home with neat and tidy ecclesiastical identities. I have two graduate degrees, one as a Master of Arts in Religious Studies and the other as a Master of Arts in Classics, and so also have a fondness for alternative religious and philosophical cultures to my own, especially those I have trained in the study of (Judaism, Greco-Roman civilization, South, and East Asian religions), especially, but also those I hope to build greater competence in over time. For me, theology is not separate from my other interests: talking about philosophy, religious studies, history, poetry, gardening, science, and popular culture is not separate from searching out God’s mystery, because God delights to be and become the world in its multiplicity. I have too many interests, and I would do well to specialize.

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Initially, I billed the paid subscription service here as granting access to specialized translations; between my life as a husband, a father, and a teacher, that is not strictly possible for me to keep up with schedule-wise to make it worth anyone’s time. So, instead, please consider subscribing of your own good will: $5/month or $30/year, or $50 to be a Founding Member, in which case I will give you special priority in comments and consider requests for special commissions (subject to my discretion). Please also consider subscribing to the YouTube channel: after 1,000 subscribers, I can monetize the videos, which in turn justifies more time spent producing them.

Caveat Lector

Any and all views expressed here are mine, and all views so expressed are either my own or those of my guests, and are in no way affiliated with any institution that I have belonged to past or present. Should they cause offense, my hope is that the reader, not unlike the audience of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, will count them as “[n]o more yielding but a dream” (MSND V.i.419) or, in this case, a digression.

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