Sitemap - 2021 - A Perennial Digression

Thanksgivings, Futures, and an Appeal

"Dancing in the Abyss" with Sam Rocha

Anatta and Epektasis

"Ignorance is the Absence of Liberation" with Anantanand Rambachan

Ahimsa and Apocalyptic Violence

Kṣitigarbha, Lazarus, and Christ


Words, Signs, and Things

"Ghostly Empathy" with Addison Hodges Hart

The Wells of Space, Pars Secunda

Another Article Over At Pop Culture And Theology

The Wells of Space, Pars Prima

The Spectral Forum

Gnosticism and the Otherself

"Otherworlds" with David Bentley Hart

De Rebus Magicis

An Article on The Green Knight over at Pop Culture and Theology

The Phoenix in the Fireplace

Women and the Eucharist

YHWH and Christ Among the Gods

"Psychic Anabasis" with Mark Vernon

"Psychic Katabasis" with Mackenzie Amara

Time Wrinkled and Enwrapped, Pars Secunda

Restore the Agape Feast

"The Dream Is Really Hard" with Nii Addo Abrahams

Paul's Adam and Paul's Christ

Coronation Day

Iesous Christos, Pars Prima

De Dormitione Matris Dei

"The Lila of the Logos" with Jordan Daniel Wood

The Good Melody

"Britain and Other Matters" with Malcolm Guite

Should Men Exist?

Gilgul and Resurrection, Pars Prima

10 Suggestions for Reforming the Novus Ordo

"Cicero, Republics, and Truth" with Tom Keeline

Festal Geniuses

An Interlude on Inklings Studies

Experiencing Sophia with Michael Martin

Time Wrinkled and Enwrapped, Pars Prima

The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene (July 22)

"Silent Pilgrimage" with Addison Hodges Hart

And Another!

A Review of Marvel's Loki Over At Pop Culture and Theology

The Trial at Jove's Oak

Canon XVI of Nicaea I

Saint Swithun

Wisdom in the Garden

Last Things First: On My Conversation with David Bentley Hart

"Eschatological Horizons" with David Bentley Hart

Evagrios and Gregory on the Cardinal Virtues

What It Means To Stay

The Toadstool Darshana

Abba Arsenios on the Divinity of Solitude

Paul Was Not A Zwinglian

Yoga is Not Demonic

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